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Press Release

Back to School

Sent on 7/25/2018 9:24:03 AM

School will soon be officially back in session within the next few weeks. The Pima County Sheriff’s Department would like to reassure parents we are working diligently to keep your loved ones safe on their journey to and from school. The Pima County Sheriff’s Department will be conducting increased enforcement in and around schools and school zones during the month of August and throughout the school year. Some of the violations you could be stopped for are: ARS 28-797F Exceeding 15 MPH in a school zone. ARS 28-644A1 Failure to obey traffic control device. (School zone signs prohibit passing in a school zone. Passing is overtaking another vehicle going the same direction. This violation occurs frequently on roadways where there are multiple lanes in each direction.) ARS 28-857A1 Passing stopped school bus. (Vehicles shall stop if a school bus is stopped and is displaying the proper lights and the stop sign commonly seen on the left hand side of the bus is displayed.) ARS 28-724B Overtaking on the right. The driver of a vehicle may overtake and pass another vehicle on the right only under conditions permitting the movement in safety. The driver shall NOT make the movement by driving off the pavement or main traveled portion of the roadway. ARS 28-901B In receiving or discharging children at the school, a person who drives a vehicle carrying children to and from school shall stop the vehicle on the side of the roadway on which the school is located. ARS 28-792 Failure to yield right of way to pedestrians at crosswalk. (Vehicles must stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk and may not pass another vehicle stopped for a pedestrian.) PCC 10.34.020 Use of an electronic handheld device while operating a moving vehicle. Most schools have a specific plan as to the route that should be followed by parents who are taking or dropping off children at school. If parents are unaware of the school’s plan, they should inquire at the school office. Many children ride bicycles to and from school. Parents should be reminded that children under the age of eighteen (18) are required to wear a helmet any time they are riding a bicycle. Deputies from the Special Operations Section will focus primarily on stopping speeding motorists around school zones, those not stopping for the stop arm, and maintaining the safety of your children. Operational funding was made available through grants awarded by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

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