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Post Holiday Safety Tips

Sent on 12/31/2013 3:17:56 PM

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department would like to wish you and your family the happiest of holidays. We would also like to remind you of some helpful hints to protect your property and precious belongings received during the holiday season: - Take pictures, video, or simply write down serial numbers and model numbers for electronics and large ticket items. If these items get stolen, this is the most efficient and effective way of identifying your property. - If items do not have serial numbers, take pictures of them anyways. Especially jewelry, a picture will provide patrol deputies and detectives an exact description of the item stolen instead of relying on memory. - Be cautious about advertising gifts you have received. Break down boxes and packaging prior to putting them in your trash/recycle bins. - Try not to place large ticket items in plain view, such as an open garage or directly in front of a large living room window that can be seen from the street. - Be careful of the information you put on social media. Facebook and Twitter can be used by thieves to find out what gifts you have received, or purchased. It also lets thieves know when you are away from your home. As a leader in public safety, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department is dedicated to its fight against crime. The Sheriff’s Department works relentlessly toward making the community safe and improving the quality of life its citizens. Through community policing techniques, we can establish this partnership and work together on a common goal. We would also like to provide further tips for everyday protection of your personal property and those of loved ones: - Lock all doors and windows when you leave your home. - Think about purchasing an alarm system for your home. Alarm systems and motion lights are a great deterrent for thieves and video from cameras can be streamed and recorded through home computer systems and smart phones. - Have trusted friends and neighbors check on your home while you’re gone. Remember to have them pick up your newspaper and check your mail on a daily basis. - In the unfortunate event you do get burglarized, call 911 immediately and try not to touch any areas the suspect may have had contact with. The Pima County Sheriff’s Department Identification Technicians may be able to obtain latent fingerprints or collect DNA swabs from the crime scene. - Above all else, be attentive and observant of your home, neighboring homes and community. You know your neighborhood better than we do and if something looks suspicious, it probably is. Do not hesitate to call 911 for suspicious persons, vehicles or activity in your neighborhoods. What you might think is nothing, could lead to the apprehension of criminals and increase the safety of your community. - Have a home Security Inspection completed. At your request, trained unformed members of the Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers (SAV) Crime Prevention Unit will conduct a thorough interior and exterior inspection of your home, to include doors, windows, locks, etc. After the inspection, suggestions on how to better secure your home will be offered. If you would like a home security inspection, call 351-4685. Other resources are also available to the citizens of Pima County to include information on the Departments website at http://pimasheriff.org/. The website gives information about the department and answers the most frequently asked questions. The Pima County Sheriff’s Department also has a Neighborhood Resource Guide that can be provided to Neighborhood Watch and community meetings. This guide is designed to make you aware of the many resources available to you and to answer some of the questions you might have. The guide also contains information and phone numbers of our community partners that are available to assist you with more specific concerns. The Pima County Sheriff’s Department wishes a safe, secure and happy holiday season for all the families in Pima County.

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