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Press Release

School Zone Enforcement

Sent on 8/23/2017 4:50:51 PM

By now, school is back in session for everyone and it is important to remind drivers of the dangers that school zones present. Drivers must pay special attention to the speed limit sign when approaching schools. Whenever any pedestrian approaches or enters the roadway in a school zone, traffic is expected to yield to the pedestrian. Here are some tips to help drivers through school zones.  Slow to the posted speed limit. A vehicle approaching the crosswalk shall not proceed at a speed of more than fifteen (15) MPH between the portable signs placed on the road indicating “school in session” and/or “stop when children are in crosswalk.”  Drivers may not accelerate until they have completely passed the halfway point of the school zone. The halfway point is the clearly marked or designated crosswalk for pedestrian traffic.  Be alert to pedestrians in and around the school crossing zone. Children are unpredictable and do not always remember to use the guarded crosswalk or to stop and check before crossing the road.  Drivers should approach school zones and crossings with the mindset that they will have to stop. This way, when the crossing guard or a child steps into traffic, the driver is prepared to stop. Traffic enforcement will be conducted throughout the school year, in and around school zones. Deputies will be targeting motorists who do not stop for school buses, speed in school zones, and fail to stop for pedestrians. Children are unpredictable and we would also like to remind parents to educate children about the hazards associated with traveling near roadways. Speak with your children about traffic safety and teach them when and where it is safest to cross. Operational funding was made available through grants awarded by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.


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