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Press Release

Sheriff Napier Responds to Former Chief Deputy’s Plea Agreement

Sent on 2/10/2017 6:51:28 PM

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department fully supports the judicial process and understands prosecutorial discretion. We are grateful for the efforts of the United States Attorney’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the federal corruption inquiry which resulted in the indictment and prosecution of Chris Radtke for his misuse of Pima County Sheriff’s Department RICO funds. We would be remiss if we did not express our disappointment that Mr. Radtke’s egregious criminal violation of public trust resulted in only a misdemeanor plea agreement with potentially an extremely light sanction. Mr. Radtke admits the existence of a sustained criminal conspiracy that spanned 18 years, with his involvement being approximately six years. This activity shocks the conscience. It violates the honorable standards of law enforcement held by the 1,500 men and women of our department. This trust is vital to the performance of our duties. Since 1865, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department has served this community. The Department is filled with good men and women who risk their lives on a daily basis. This is simply unforgivable misconduct on the part of a few. We now need to close this regrettable chapter in the otherwise distinguished history of our agency. We commit ourselves to move forward, follow the law, provide excellent service to the people of our county, and restore the public trust.


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