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Press Release

Statement from Sheriff Napier on Deployment of the National Guard to the Southern Border

Sent on 4/9/2018 11:06:32 AM

This morning, the Arizona border sheriffs had a conference call with Governor Ducey and members of his staff regarding the deployment of Arizona National Guard resources to assist with border security. The border sheriffs are appreciative of the level of communication and coordination we enjoy with the Governor and his staff. The Governor has assigned a member of his staff as a direct liaison with the border sheriffs regarding any issues which may arise regarding the deployment of military personnel. Currently, 225 Arizona National Guard (AZNG) personnel are being deployed to assist federal law enforcement. An additional 113 will then follow, for a total initial deployment of 338. This deployment to the border will be very similar to the missions of military personnel under both the Bush and Obama administrations. AZNG personnel will be not be used in an enforcement role and will not have law enforcement powers. AZNG personnel will provide support to federal law enforcement so they may better deploy enforcement personnel/resources. The Governor made clear the AZNG are simply providing additional resources to enhance border security, better interdiction of drug and human traffickers, and to give humanitarian assistance to migrants suffering criminal victimization and life-safety issues due to the extreme environment. The Governor will also be seeking additional funding for Operation Stonegarden to provide more assistance to local law enforcement in order to address public safety issues in the border region. Border sheriffs appreciate the prospect of additional funding coming to our counties. As your Sheriff, I welcome additional resources to better secure our border. The lack of border security is a public safety, national security, and human rights issue. I share the concern some may have regarding the appearance of the militarization of the border. However, the current deployment of AZNG personnel to provide support at the border has been done under prior presidents, both republican and democrat. We have been assured, as was the case under prior deployments, personnel will be used in a support role.


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